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The teaching of homeopathy in pharmacy undergraduation: pedagogical conceptions and practices in institutions from the state of Rio de Janeiro

This work addresses the situation of homeopathy education carried out in the pharmacy faculties of the state of Rio de Janeiro, seeking to identify and analyze the political and pedagogical situation with regard to the curricular perspective of the education of the generalist pharmacists, in relation to the Brazilian Curricular Policies for the Pharmacy Undergraduation Courses. Legal aspects and the reports of teachers were addressed, showing that the homeopathy teaching in the State of Rio de Janeiro is offered by two public universities and 12 private institutions. While homeopathy teaching in public universities is an extracurricular discipline, the majority of the private institutions offers it as an obligatory one. Both in undergraduation as in specialization courses in homeopathy, the focus is the preparation of drugs, including a theoretical approach to the philosophy of homeopathy.

Homeopathy; Pharmacy teaching; Pharmacy; Curriculum; Higher education

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