Motivations for collective practices in Primary Care: perception of users and professionals

Thaís Lopes Friedrich Xavéle Braatz Petermann Silvana Basso Miolo Hedioneia Maria Foletto Pivetta About the authors

This study aimed to understand the motivations for the development and ongoing group activities in Primary Care in the perception of users and professionals. It is a descriptive research with qualitative methodology, developed in a Health Unit with a Community Health Workers Strategy in a city in southern Brazil. Fifteen patients and five professionals were included in this study, using an intentional sample plus convenience and saturation. The data were collected through individual semi-structured narrative interviews, analyzed using content analysis. The categories found that the subjects motivations comprise interpersonal relations, knowledge construction and comprehensive care. The results reveal the importance of teamwork in Primary Care to health promotion, once it has a positive impact on the clinical, social and emotional conditions of the subjects.

Health primary care; Group processes; Motivation

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