It is not enough to inform, you have to participate: the insertion of journalists in the new diverse formats of telejournalism

Ana Carolina Rocha Pessoa Temer Simone Antoniaci Tuzzo About the authors


This work is part of a reflection on Communication and Journalism, developed at the Laboratory of Critical Reading of the Media, at UFG, Brazil. The focus of the analysis is the column “Tô de Folga”, published on Fridays in the “Jornal Hoje”, a newscast with a large audience and one of the oldest still broadcasted by Globo TV Network. The analysis highlights the “starletization” of journalism, its approach to entertainment and the aspects that punctuate this strategy at a time when telejournalism faces audience problems, competition from new forms of information circulation and tension in its relationship with the State.

Diversional Journalism; Starletization; “Tô de Folga”; Critical analysis; Television

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