Methodological experimentation in the teaching of Social Communication: “Biographeme with the beat generation”

Gabriel Sausen Feil About the author


This report results from the research “Methodological experimentation in the teaching of Social Communication”. Considering that such research has teaching as an object, it tries to propose different teaching methodologies, and here presents the second one of them: “Biographeme with the beat generation”. The report is justified because it discusses a method of the sciences that have the text as protagonist; and because it is inserted in the discussion involving the relation between teaching and research. It conceives as method the notion expressed by Barthes (2004a), which says that when the research deals with texts, the result is not presented by a text, but it is the text in itself. The experimentation assumes that the text of the beat generation is of the biographematic type, so that students are encouraged to write in the beats way. Finally, we conclude that the experienced methodology is capable of provoking the student to perceive the text in a new way.

Methodological experimentation; Teaching in Social Communication; Biographeme; Beat generation; Barthes

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