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The Visual Metaphor in the Integrated Report: a semiotic analysis


The Integrated Report is a new corporative communication practice, concise and innovative, which uses visual language symbols in the presentation of information. Due to its novelty, this article explores the visual communication in the Integrated Reports of companies participating in the Brazilian Pilot Program, focusing on a specific type of sign, the visual metaphor. This is a qualitative study, supported by descriptive and exploratory research, outlined by documentary data collection. Regarding visual metaphor, this research aims to answer: which is the dominant pattern of visual language applied to the corporate information, whether economic or financial or of any other kind, observed in the most concise Integrated Report developed by the companies in the Brazilian Pilot Program? The analysis of the contents is related to the Conceptual Structure of the Integrated Report according to the Peirce´s Classes of Sign.

Integrated Report; Metaphor; Visual Communication; Peirce´s Semiotics; Stakeholders

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