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In the December issue of MEDICALEXPRESS

With this issue, MEDICALEXPRESS [2014; 1(6)] successfully completes its first volume, its first year of existence. Fourteen months have gone by since we began setting up this journal. Starting from square zero in October, 2013 we are proud to have published six issues in a timely manner. In this we must heartily thank our authors for providing us with some extremely interesting science; we also thank and acknowledge the effort of our editors and reviewers who have given much of their valuable time and effort to help make this journal an adequately peer reviewed journal from its inception.

MedicalExpress obviously still has a very long way to go, in terms of its configuration and indexing. Configuration is still going through minor adjustments; in terms of indexing, at this point we have made applications to LATINDEX, LILACS, SCIELO AND PUBMEDCENTRAL. At the time of writing, we are still expecting to hear from them.

But MedicalExpress has covered some ground: the total output published in these six issues is 68 articles, comprising 8 editorials, 38 original research articles, 4 rapid communications, and 18 critical reviews. In all of this MedicalExpress has rigorously stuck to its most basic project, namely to publish articles in 40-60 days after acceptance. Continuous flow is not something showing spectacularly in a rather small journal as this, but we have been able to upload articles in small batches into usually ahead of the nominal publication date.

MedicalExpress is extremely proud to list the geographical origin of our authors, comprising work by from Brazil, China, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and the United States of America.

To the best of our knowledge articles published MedicalExpress have yet to be cited; this is obviously not a surprise, because the absolute minimum latency for citations is 6 months, but usually something more like 1 year. So citations are definitely still in the future.

MedicalExpress will start 2015 on a highly confident note: we strongly believe that indexing will come very shortly. When it does arrive, it will automatically include our entire collection from volume 1(1), because every article has been formatted exactly as required by the indexing institutions. Therefore we reiterate our invitation to submit your science to the journal. You will be speedily and positively peerreviewed, edited for style and language and last but certainly not least published according to a very agile timeline.

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    Dec 2014
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