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MedicalExpress, new journal, new concepts. Dedicated to the memory of Luis Figueiredo

A good punch line is the best start to a new journal. So let us try to begin by saying that Brazil still lacks a continuous flow medical journal. Not for long, we hope, if MedicalExpress succeeds in filling this gap. So, welcome to the first medical, multidisciplinary, all electronic, golden openaccess, continuous flow Brazilian periodical.

All of you editors, who have fathered brand new journals, can surely see why we take pride in closing the first issue of MedicalExpress within 10 weeks of launching. To be sure, a few of these articles are the generous contributions of highly respected and esteemed colleagues and friends who sent us some quite interesting pieces of research. But researchers from Brazil and abroad with no direct connection to the Editor have also come up with interesting contributions.

Yet I run before my horse to market. Having promised new concepts, I must exhibit at least two.

  1. I have already said it, MedicalExpress will publish in continuous flow, meaning that every article, once accepted for publication will be promptly edited for language, set up for e-publication, submitted to authors for approval, and published forthwith. We expect to have every article out five weeks after acceptance. What do we mean by ‘‘out there five weeks after acceptance’’? At this point in time this means freely readable in our site, and visible in Google Scholar. But we certainly have plans: as soon as their rules permit, we shall be applying for inclusion in Scielo, PUBMED CENTRAL, Scimago and the Thomson Reuters Science Citation Index. As soon as the first two inclusions are accomplished the entire journal will become available, retrospectively and prospectively in their sites. To this end, MedicalExpress is being composed, from its very first line in a form compatible with the XMLs of Scielo and PUBMED. You do not know what an XML is? Don’t worry, because my knowledge of it is also rather vague. This much I do know, compatible XML really means that as soon as Scielo and PUBMED accept us, everything you have or will have published with us will be there. Will they accept us? My crystal ball is not saying a thing, but I really believe they will.

  2. To the best of our knowledge, MedicalExpress is unique in Brazil because it is independent from academic or research institutions and from learned scientific or medical societies. There is obviously nothing wrong with being thus linked, but independent journals have a long tradition in the first world. To make sure that we remain as independent as possible from specific influences we have put together an Editorial Board with a truly international distribution. And, more importantly, MedicalExpress will be under the control of an equally international Board of Governors.

We believe that both novelties will add to the already high quality of scientific editing in Brazil.

MedicalExpress. 2014;1(1) comes with articles from Brazil, USA, Turkey and Iran. We believe this is a good start. We hope to see more articles from outside Brazil, as the journal becomes more noticeable.

On final word: we are publishing three items on hypertonic saline; this a physiological and medical discovery that owes a lot of what is known to research produced in Brazil. We dedicate these articles, indeed this entire issue to the memory of Luiz Poli de Figueiredo. Luiz was closely associated to this editor since his PhD days. In his mid forties he became the full professor of Experimental Surgery in the Sao Paulo University Medical School. In the very brief years allotted to him afterwards he lost his battle with disease; but not before bringing Experimental Surgery in Sao Paulo University straight into the new millennium. His loss will be difficult to live with in the Brazilian academic scenario, but most of all in the hearts of his great many friends, colleagues and students.

Join us in MedicalExpress. You will be in print earlier than in any other Brazilian journal. And by the end of the 2014, I am sure you will be out there in Google Scholar and the other international databases as well.

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    Feb 2014
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