Two new species of Moenkhausia Eigenmann (Characiformes: Characidae) from Serra do Cachimbo, Pará, Northern Brazil

Leandro M Sousa André L. Netto-Ferreira José L. O Birindelli About the authors

Two new species of Moenkhausia, one from the rio Tapajós and the other from the rio Xingu basins are described as apparently endemics of the Serra do Cachimbo. Both species, along with M. petymbuaba, share a distinct color pattern composed of large conspicuous dark blotches on the base of the body scales. Moenkhausia chlorophthalma, from rio Treze de Maio, a tributary to rio Curuá (rio Xingu basin), is distinguished by the presence of a proximal well delimited black area on the adipose fin and a green eye in life. Moenkhausia plumbea of the headwaters of tributaries of the rio Braço Norte, rio Tapajós basin is diagnosed by the presence of a dark longitudinal stripe across the eye and six branched pelvic-fin rays (vs. seven). Relationships of the new species with other Moenkhausia are discussed.

Moenkhausia chlorophthalma; Moenkhausia plumbea; Moenkhausia petymbuaba; Taxonomy; Ostariophysi; Neotropical

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