Edible flowers: traditional and current use

Flores comestíveis: usos tradicional e atual

Izabel Cristina dos Santos Simone Novaes Reis About the authors


Flowers have been part of human life since antiquity. Several civilizations have left the legacy of using flowers in art, natural medicine, as well as in cooking to color, flavor and embellish various dishes. Edible flowers (EF) are those that can be consumed without endangering consumer’s health. Although not all countries in the world use flowers for food, their use has increased in general, as well as the interest of researchers from different areas of knowledge, as they are considered new sources of nutrients and bioactive compounds. However, the safety of its use is still questioned due to the lack of more information about the maximum safe amount of daily intake. This review aimed to gather information about the traditional use of EF, safety in consumption and consumers’ perception of these products.

floriculture; flowers for food; food safety

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