Traditional written media coverage and cybersecurity events: the NSA case

A cobertura de mídia escrita tradicional e os eventos de cibersegurança: o caso NSA

La cobertura de la prensa tradicional y los eventos de ciberseguridad: el caso NSA

La couverture de presse traditionnelle et les événements de cybersécurité: le cas de la NSA

Matheus Gregorio Tupina Silva Anna Carolina Raposo de Mello Marislei Nishijima About the authors

This article investigates how three media outlets (the digital written editions of CNN, Fox News, and the BBC), perceived as politically partisan, framed the news on Edward Snowden, who disclosed sensitive cybersecurity issues. As the media is an influential actor in domestic and international politics, how the news coverage on Internet security flaws framed the facts under narrative dispute matters. Sentiment analyses were conducted on hundreds of articles published on the free-access written news websites between 2013-2018. The results show positive or negative sentiments expressed in most headlines, while more neutral texts are found in the news cores.

cybersecurity; Edward Snowden; public opinion; sentiment analysis; written media

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