Productive and vegetative performance of peach trees grafted on six rootstocks in a replanting area

Desempenho produtivo e vegetativo de pessegueiros enxertados sobre seis porta-enxertos em uma área de replantio

Gustavo Klamer de Almeida Gilmar Arduino Bettio Marodin Henrique Thomas Queiroz Mateus Pereira Gonzatto About the authors


The objective of this work was to evaluate the productive and vegetative performance of the Maciel and Chimarrita peach tree cultivars grafted on six rootstocks, in a replanting area. The experiment was carried out in an area that had been previously cultivated with peach trees for more than 15 years in the municipality of Eldorado do Sul, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The Maciel and Chimarrita peach tree cultivars were grafted on 'Aldrighi', 'Capdeboscq', 'Okinawa', 'Flordaguard', 'Nemaguard', and 'Umezeiro'. The 'Umezeiro' rootstock caused high plant mortality in both scions, as well as low productivity and higher alternate bearing; it also affected the qualitative and ripening attributes of the fruits of 'Chimarrita'. The 'Aldrighi', 'Capdeboscq', 'Okinawa', 'Flordaguard', and 'Nemaguard' rootstocks induced a similar yield in both scions. The trunk cross-sectional area (TCSA) did not differ between rootstocks in 'Maciel', but in 'Chimarrita', TCSA was higher on 'Flordaguard' than on 'Umezeiro' in some seasons. Regarding the average of rootstocks, 'Maciel' showed higher TCSA, pruning mass, and average yield than 'Chimarrita', as well as changes in qualitative and ripening attributes. The Maciel cultivar shows the best productive performance in replanting areas, and the 'Capdeboscq' and 'Aldrighi' rootstocks induce satisfactory agronomic performance.

Index terms:
Prunus persica; plant mortality; replant disease; yield.

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