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Information business unit: the future of academic libraries in knowledge society

Presents a new model for the University Library that proposes its reorganization in Information Business Unit (UNInf), aiming at the extension of its focus of performance, adopting a dynamic and pro-active position, however keeping its main objective: to support the education, research and extension activities of the university. It shows the results of strategic analyses proving the necessity of this change based on the facts and events carriers of future, on the evaluation of the market conditions through the SWOT matrix - Strenghs, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats - and on the model of Porter's five forces, adapted to the services sector of the studied institution type, to wit, the nonprofit University Libraries. It presents the theory that guided the development of the model of the UNInf, created on a knowledge capital models basis, elaborated by Centro de Referência em Inteligência Empresarial - CRIE - that belongs to COPPE/UFRJ. It also describes the basic premises of the model and the organization of the UNInf, according to relationship, structural, intellectual and ambient capitals.

Information business unit; Academic library; Knowledge management; Organizational change

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