Mediation of information in medicine: possibilities for dialogue among knowledge scientific, professional and sociocultural

Mediação da informação na área da medicina:possibilidades de interlocução entre os saberes científico, profissional e sociocultural

Henriette Ferreira Gomes Aida Varela Varela About the authors


The mediation process takes place through the interrelationship of technical devices, human, environmental, and semiotic systems that enable knowledge sharing and construction. In discussing information mediation, we must consider the various mechanisms and communication strategies aimed at reaching not only the receiver of information, but also to develop cultural, specific, ethical and aesthetic values. In mediation of medical information, the doctor maters the specialized field of scientific knowledge, built from research activities performed by subjects in a given time, obeying the rules and protocols of research, formalization and dissemination of results, defined by the scientific community, with recognition and legitimacy, which puts him on the central condition of the legitimate mediator of the medical information. However, he cannot, alone, with his scientific answer, to meet both objective and subjective demands that come from patient-receptor. He needs to establish a dialogue with a range of other knowledge "voices" transiting through other knowledge, including the professional information, which interferes and act on complex interactive process in search of procedures for the maintenance and quality of living.

Mediation of information; Mediation - Medical information; Actors of mediation.

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