Competitive intelligence in the context of enterprises artifacts of tin in Minas Gerais

Paulo Henrique de Oliveira Wagner Sade About the authors


Investigates the practices of competitive intelligence (CI) has been conducted by companies artifacts tin of the Minas Gerais. Nine companies were selected, representing 90% of the population of firms operating in the respective region. Data were collected through the application of a structured questionnaire and analyzed using descriptive statistics techniques. The results showed that the CI has been practically used in informal manner, especially in the smaller sized companies analyzed. It was observed also that the respective entrepreneurs understand that the IC is very important to the success of your business competitive, especially because it helps your managers to better understand the needs of its customers in finding new business opportunities and development of new products, in addition to increasing the effectiveness of the competitive strategies used against their competitors.

Competitive intelligence; Companies tin; Descriptive study.

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