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The teaching of indexing policy procedures in the perspective of organizational knowledge: a proposal of a program for distance education for librarians

The indexing policy must be formed by strategies that allow the achievement of the information retrieval system goals. The basic function of the indexer is to understand the document making a conceptual analysis that represents its content appropriately. Using the reading practice as a social event/verbal protocol in groups, the aim of this paper is to contribute with the literature on indexing policy, and to present proposals of teaching indexing policy to the graduation and post-graduation students, besides an experience of distance education aiming at the librarian education on service. The outcome demonstrated that the methodology may be used by information systems in order to access the knowledge of the indexer. The conclusion is that the indexer must be the investment target of the information systems, and to the latter it is suggested that the experience of the indexer should also be used as parameter for indexing policy.

Indexing policy; Indexer; Indexing manual; Information retrieval system; Reading as social event; Organizational knowledge; Practice of education in indexing policy; Distance education

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