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Teamwork: social representations of the family health program (FHP) professionals

This article is the result of the analysis of the social representations about teamwork done by professionals who work for the Family Health Program (PSF) in campina Grande-PB. This was a qualitative research in the light of the theory of social representations. 24 semi-structured interviews were carried out with professional who work for two Health Family units: two doctors, three nurses, four assistant nurses, two dentists, two social assistants, nine community health agents (AcSs) and one dentistry attendant. The analysis of the interviews was carried out taking into account the approach of the analysis of thematic content. As a whole, the teamwork of PSF is represented as an experience shared by the people who work in the same premises, leading a multi-professional approach without any evidence of multidisciplinarity. These professionals face the challenge of breaking with the traditional health paradigm chiefly based on the fragmentation of knowledge.

Social representations; Family Health Program (PSF); Teamwork; Interdisciplinary

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