Sport, Psychology and Racism: Is an Anti-Racist Sports Psychology Possible?


This paper is one of the possible outcomes to fill the academic gap regarding the intersection of three fields: sport, psychology, and race relations. Their articulation is based on their objective: to analyze the limits and possibilities presented to psychology in facing white supremacy in sports. Its empirical field consists of eight semi-structured interviews conducted with psychologists (four women and four men) who worked in sports at some point of their careers. Their content is analyzed based on the theoretical framework of the Critical Race Theory. This content analysis resulted in narratives about professional performance in sports psychology and its role in the face of racism, questioning whether it is possible to think of an anti-racist sport psychology. Thus, the results of the analysis of these narratives point to an association between the means to confront racism and the way professionals view sports psychology: either as a field that is more related to sport, which results in an almost exclusive focus on sports performance, or more related to psychology, which implies a perspective of humanization of athletes.

Sport; Colonialism; Corporeality; Sport psychology; Anti-racism

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