Perspectives of Health Professionals about Patients in Process of Finitude

Daniela Trevisan Monteiro Jussara Maria Rosa Mendes Carmem Lúcia Colomé Beck About the authors


This study analyzes the perceptions, feelings and difficulties attributed by health professionals about care in the death process of patients. A descriptive and exploratory study of qualitative nature was performed. The research was approved by the Ethics Committee, under number 1,463,168, and the guidelines of Resolution 510/2016. Seventeen medical professionals and nurses working in the medical clinic unit at a teaching hospital in Rio Grande do Sul were interviewed. The obtained data were subjected to triangulation via content analysis. The results showed that care in the death process of patients generates feelings like frustration, impotence, sadness and compassion. Defensive strategies such as rationalization and distancing were common. Treatment time allowed for differentiated care and greater humanization in the process. Taking into account individual and collective difficulties, feelings, personal and interpersonal situations, satisfaction/dissatisfaction of professionals was shown to be needed.

Death; Attitude to Death; Health Personnel; Comprehensive Health

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