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Gaps in the Skills of Graduates of the Psychology Course in the Professors’ View

Rômulo Travassos Luciana Mourão About the authors


Studies on the professional training of Brazilian psychologists point to worrying results. This study deals with the importance and mastery of competencies, regarding graduates from academic programs in Psychology from the viewpoint of coordinators and professors at public and private higher education institutions. Secondary data from pedagogical projects of 36 Psychology programs was analyzed and a survey was conducted with 114 professors scattered about the country, 40 of which were program coordinators. The questionnaire was based on the undergraduate curricular guidelines for a degree in Psychology, and contained open and closed questions. The results pointed to the recognition of the importance of competencies in academic training in Psychology. The major gaps in the training pertain to the competencies related to intervention in group and organizational psychology processes, and knowledge and skills in scientific research. The coordinators presented a less critical view than the other professors. The answers to the open questions indicated a plurality of opinions about training in Psychology. We concluded that there is a need for higher professional qualification, confirming previous findings and drawing attention to the new aspect of the psychologist’s profile in the current social scenario. Reflections are offered for students, professors, professionals, and other stakeholders.

Competencies; Professional Training; Psychology

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