Civilizatory and Colonial Violence from the Standpoint of Frantz Fanon and Sigmund Freud

Lassana Danfá About the author


This study discusses violence as pertaining to the birth of civilization and colonial project in Freud and Fanon. In Freud’s work, violence was approached in the papers: Future of an Illusion and Civilization and its Discontents; Why War? and Refletion on War and Death. Whereas Fanon thoughts are exposed in the book The Condemned of the Earth, most notably in the chapter dedicated to violence. The discussion of the authors’ work was divided into three sections, namely: how the construction of European civilization and/or Western culture has been marked by violence to ethnic groups outside the West; colonial violence articulated with race, focus of Fanon’s work; and “contraviolence” and violence as a means of self-subjectifying in the face of rejected subjectivity.

Violence; Freud; Fanon; Civilization; Race

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