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Workshops with adolescents on sexuality: a report case

Kátia Maheirie Lílian Caroline Urnau Mariana Barreto Vavassori Renata Orlandi Roberta Ertel Baierle About the authors

This article presents a report case of psychology students who coordinated workshops on sexuality in adolescence. These workshops had the purpose to provide information, and promote discussions and reflections about some aspects involving sexuality such as the use of contraceptive/preventive methods, gender relationships in order to contribute for the emancipation of the individuals in the field of sexual and reproductive rights. The resources used were: group educational activities, didactic games, simulation of the use of contraceptive and preventive methods, lecture with a health professional, and visit to the community Health Center. The adolescents participated on the workshops bringing examples, discussing and asking questions. At the end of the encounters, it was possible to observe an improvement on the level of information from the adolescents, thus promoting the adoption of preventive actions.

workshops; adolescence; sexuality

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