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Notes on the constitution of the subject, subjectivity and language

The following article discusses the constitution of the subject and the subjectivity on the socio-historical approach, making evident the question of the language - production of meaning in Vygotskian contemporary authors. This theoretical study contextualizes the conceptual elaboration of Vygotsky's work, marked by complexity and incompleteness that generate diversity in/of interpretations among authors. It attempts to undercover and understand the different notions of subject and production of meaning between them. To this end, González Rey's contributions support the idea of subjective dimension of personal meaning and individual and social subjectivity. Such ideas resume the Vygotskian thinking, considering Bakhtin as an interlocutor, dialoging with authors based in the historical and dialectical materialism, which makes possible to understand the subject constituted by the other and constituted by language. Such features enables the focus on drama, subjectivity and meaning production in interconstitutive aspects of multiple dimensions singular/collective, subjective/objective, biological/cultural, historical/dialectical.

Subject constitution; subjectivity; language

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