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Subjectivity crisis and the emerging of phenomenological psychologies

Ana Maria Lopez Calvo de Feijoo About the author

This paper intents to discuss how the bases of subjectivity metaphysics were hegemonic in constituting most of the psychologic theories and practice. Pointing to the contradictions and consequent emptiness that the premise of subjectivity as well as the dichotomization of totality imposed to Psychology, we will launch the bases of a Phenomenological-Existential Psychology turned to the social that, based on Phenomenology and in the Existence Philosophy, will be able to rupture the substantialist and dichotomic position used by various different models in Psychology. For that, we will take the phenomenological proposal, inaugurated by Husserl and carried ahead by Heidegger, to think about the self as a flux of intentional living experiences based on the immanency of a consciousness already projected to beyond itself or as an existential field with senses and meanings shared and based on the temporality of the "be-here".

Subjectivity; phenomenology; existence philosophy

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