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The measurement of internalized stigma: systematic review of literature

Internalized stigma is a processual phenomenon established as the individual becomes aware of his stigmatized condition, and agrees to apply its own negative stereotypes about their disorder. Aiming to cognize the measurement instruments of internalized stigma, a systematic review of literature was undertaken in January 2011 on Web of Science, PubMed, PsycINFO, Lilacs and Scielo databases, using the terms internalized stigma and self-stigma. Eleven scales were analyzed, 6 of them measured internalized stigma toward mental disorders. The analysis reveals conceptual and methodological problems of the studies, pointing out intrinsical difficulties to investigate the phenomenon and offering subsidies to forthcoming researches. In spite of the limitations, the growing number of scales demonstrates the relevance of the topic in Mental Health's area and provides an advance in knowledge about the factors related to the stigmatization process.

Stigma; psychometry; bibliographical research

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