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Global citizenship and new literacies providing new ways for social inclusion

A nova literácia promovendo cidadania global de alunos brasileiros e americanos

El nuevo desarrollo de la lectura y la escrita promoviendo ciudadanía global de alumnos brasileños y americanos

We are living in a society where information is the most valuable asset. However, the gigantic amount of information available daily creates the need for people to acquire new skills to locate, analyze and communicate this information. This comparative study utilizes an online survey to define global citizenship traits and identify the use of information and communication technologies (ICT), in 258 high school students in Brazil and the U.S. Differences in gender were also examined and the results inform how globalization, citizenship and ICT use are reflected in the self perceptions of boys and girls from both countries. The concept of new literacies is defined as the skills that individuals must posses to participate effectively and to be included in the diverse society we live.

New literacies; ICT; Global citizenship; Social inclusion

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