School Engagement: Explanation from Human Values


The present study aimed to know in which measures human values ​​predict school engagement. A total of 338 students, with a mean age of 13.04 (SD = 1.45), were the majority (52.4%) from public schools (53.6%) and the ninth grade (26.3%). These responded to the School Engagement Scale, the Core Values ​​Questionnaire, and demographic questions. SPSS statistical software used to perform descriptive and inferential analyzes. The results indicated that students who prioritize values ​​of sub-functions interactive, normative, supra-personal, existence and achievement are dedicated to the accomplishment of the academic task, unlike those that prioritize the values ​​of the subfunction experimentation. In addition, it verified that the variables schooling level and nature of the school institution influenced in the school engagement. The results show the importance of values ​​in academic environment, showing the need to develop projects that can stimulate them in schools, especially those with a central and social orientation.

School; values; adolescence.

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