Pedagogical Practices and Social Skills: Possibility of Intervention Research with Teachers


Social skills are extremely important within pedagogical practices, as they allow adequate interaction throughout the school context. Considering the specific subclass of feedback, this study aimed to verify if the specific teaching of this subclass of social skills can help or modify the frequency of responses of this ability and interfere in the number of requests of the students during the class period. The study is characterized by using an ABA-type experimental design and had as participant a teacher of a state public school in a city in the countryside of the State of São Paulo. For data collection, three protocols were used to compute the numbers of feedbacks and requests made by teacher and students, respectively. There were 13 sessions and the criterion for the end of the interventions was the 60% increase in the number of initial feedbacks. As results, there was an increase in the number of positive feedbacks.

Feedback; teacher education; experimental methods.

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