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Classical singing handicap index (CSHI) in erudite singers

BACKGROUND: self-assessment of the impact of vocal deviation in the quality of life of erudite singers. AIM: to verify whether the presence of vocal complaints in erudite singers produces quality of life handicap in the use of singing voice and whether this handicap is related to gender, age, vocal classification or time of singing. METHOD: fifty-nine professional erudite choir singers answered the questionnaire including general questions such as identification, vocal classification, gender, time of study and dedication to classical singing. The choir singers were categorized into two groups, according to the presence of vocal complaints. They all answered the protocol Classical Singing Handicap Index (CSHI), which analyzes the impact of abnormal voice on singing voice in three subscales: Disability, Handicap and Impairment. RESULTS: subscales Impairment (6.39) and Disability (5.39) presented higher scores than subscale Handicap (3.34) for all singers. Moreover, there was statistically significant correlation between presence of vocal complaint and higher score of CSHI (p > 0.001 to all subscales). In the group with complaints, women had higher score in subscale Disability than men. In the group without complaints, older subjects and those who had sung longer presented lower CSHI scores. CONCLUSION: singers with vocal complaints and/or symptoms had higher handicap index in singing, expressed in subscales Impairment and Disability, without relationship with vocal classification.

Voice; Voice Quality; Quality of Life; Music

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