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Diluted Voices through Plagiarism: the (De)Construction of Authorship among Undergraduate Students in Teacher’s Education

Focusing on research as an assessment tool with undergraduate students, we present implications of plagiarism in the dilution of authorship. Through semi-structured interviews with 30 students and 09 professors, we measure how plagiarism is understood and how the research process has been conducted. We found that guidance and teaching of research have been timid and that undergraduate students are not trained to do research or to teach how their future students how to investigate. Thus, we point to the need for a reflection that emphasizes not only awareness of ethical issues, guidance and sanction for cases of recurrent plagiarism, but also we propose a debate on the importance of the construction of authorship in school. Based on Bakhtinian theory, we believe in dialogue among polyphonic voices in promoting authorship and knowledge construction.

authorship; plagiarism; teacher training

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