The interdisciplinarity in the professional internship in a physical education course

Wladimir Barbosa Reis Ricardo José Gomes Rogério Cruz de Oliveira About the authors


Since 1997, Physical Education is recognized as a health profession. However, the professional training has been limited. In this sense, Universidade Federal de São Paulo – Campus Baixada Santista has been attempting to overcome it with professional training based on interdisciplinarity and interprofessionality. Thus, the aim of this study was to comprehend the concept of interdisciplinarity from this university’s Physical Education students involved with professional internship. For this purpose, we designed a documental research that analyzed 22 final reports made by study participants. The analysis was made with non-aprioristic method. We found that there is no unanimity about the concept of interdisciplinarity from the students’ point of view, and it was revealing of weaknesses and limitations. However, this scenario points to the dialogue with other fields of knowledge and professions as well. Thus, we conclude that the interdisciplinarity internship training in this institution still has a long and promising path to go.

physical education; professional training; internship; interdisciplinarity

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