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Forget Foucault?

From a critique of the "impertinent uses" of Foucault's thinking in educational research, it is argued that it is often better to forget Foucault. But the advice to "forget the bald" has nothing to do with the attacks of some intellectuals against the philosopher - among them, Baudrillard, Merquior, Mandosio and Semprun. Remembering that, just as with any author or theory, Foucault also is not "jack of all trades"; we must always be alert to the necessary relevance pertinence between, on one hand, what we ask and is being studied and, on the other hand, the conceptual and methodological resources placed at our disposal by Foucault Studies. Thereby, we conserve and preserve the two parties involved: on one hand, Michel Foucault; on the other, those who use their contributions. To conclude, suggestions are listed to be observed by those who want to work with Foucault or, from him, carry out their own investigations.

Michel Foucault; Foucauldian Studies; foucaultlatry; foucaultmania; foucaultphobia

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