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Thinking as disorder: repercussions of the foucauldian legacy

After three decades of the disappearance of Michel Foucault, his work seems to continue generating controversy. Hence the triggering question of the considerations presented here: being averse to controversy, what has made the French intellectual a constant target of it? Refraining from biographism, this text aims at setting up a general picture of the impact of Foucauldian thinking, especially among his critics. To do so, it focuses on the statements of a group of authors who have taken Foucault either as an interlocutor or as a rival. This article then advocates the Foucauldian proposal of a critical onthology and its possible effects on the educational field, among which a critical-creative attitude towards the cultural heritage, as well the attaining of a certain distancing from the present itself.

Michel Foucault; onthology of the present; education

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