Comenius’ didactics: between teaching method and teacher’s live speech

Douglas Emiliano Batista About the author


This article – which deepens the concepts debated in our doctoral dissertation at FEUSP – analyzes if there is place for the teacher’s living speech in Comenius’ Didactica Magna. According to Comenius, the teaching method governs the actions of teachers so thoroughly that teachers are turned into mere anonymous pawns following a didactic plan elaborated beforehand by scholars. Based on Psychoanalysis and Education, and their notions of subject, and of enunciation and its relationship with knowledge, this paper intended to inquire to what degree the concepts here addressed are indeed absolute in Didactics. This made it possible to bring up an important Comenian antinomy regarding the prominence of the teaching method and the necessity of a teacher’s living speech. As a result, it can be concluded that Comenius’ Didactica Magna enables the teacher’s enunciation without reducing the teacher to the anonymous pawn of a method.

Comenius; J. A.; psychoanalysis and education; school; teaching; learning

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