Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Evidence of Validity of the Questionnaire d’Engagement Paternel

Carina Nunes Bossardi Carolina Duarte de Souza Lauren Beltrão Gomes Simone Dill Azeredo Bolze Beatriz Schmidt Mauro Luis Vieira Daniel Paquette Maria Aparecida Crepaldi About the authors


This study aimed to investigate the internal structure and reliability indices of the Questionnaire d’Engagement Paternel (QEP). It describes the process of cross-cultural adaptation and results of the evaluation of the psychometric proprieties of the instrument. The sample consisted of 300 participants (150 mothers and 150 fathers), who formed two-parent families. The psychometric analyses involved procedures including back translation, factor analysis, and reliability analyses of the instrument. The Brazilian version of the QEP is presented, containing a total of 36 items, divided into five dimensions. Twenty items were excluded, according to statistical and theoretical criteria. The results demonstrated satisfactory evidence of validity of the scale. Considerations regarding limitations of the study and recommendations for use in future research were indicated.

test validity; paternity; fathers; involvement; parental involvement; measurement

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