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Neural plasticity: relations with behavior and experimental approaches

Elenice A. de Moraes Ferrari Margarete Satie S. Toyoda Luciane Faleiros Suzete Maria Cerutti About the authors

Behavioral adaptiveness to different situations as well as behavioral individuality result from the interrelations between environmental sitmuli and the responses of an organism.These kind of interrelationships also shape the neural circuits as well as characterize the plasticity and the neural individuality of the organism. Studies on neural plasticity may analyze changes in neural circuitry after environmental manipulations or changes in behavior after lesions in the nervous system. Issues on neural plasticity and recovery of function refer both to physiology and behavior as well as to the subjacent mechanisms related to morphology, biochemistry and genetics. They may be approached at the systemic, behavioral, cellular and molecular levels. This work intends to characterize these kinds of studies pointing to their relations with the analyis of behavior and learning.The analysis of how the environmental-organismic interrelationships affect the neural substrates of behavior is pointed as a very stimulating area for investigation.

behavior; neural plasticity; nervous system; learning

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