Scientific production on organizational culture in public organizations from 1997 to 2007: an invitation to rethink and reconsider

This work analyses the scientific production on Organizational Culture in public organizations in Brazil form 1997 to 2007. The research was based on Brazilian publications, such as well-known scientific magazines, and congresses promoted by ANPAD (Brazilian Association of Graduate Programs in Administration) during this period. The scientific production was analyzed regarding the continuation of the research in organizational culture in the Public Sector, measurement methods, data treatment models, the kind of theories used, the directions of such theories and the alignment of the researchers with the proposed theme. The results show that the production in the period studied was small, considering that we found only 47 studies published in the period mentioned. They also indicate that there is no continuity of production in the field and that the authors, in their majority, published just one work in 10 years on this theme.

organizational culture; public administration; scientific production

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