Identification or resistance? an analysis of the subjective constitution of policemen

Lucilio Linhares Perdigão de Morais Ana Paula Paes de Paula About the authors

This paper aims to discuss aspects of the construction of policemen's subjectivity. In order to do this we investigated themes such as ideology in organizations and the formation of professional identity. We intend to comprehend how these elements relate to each other in the field of the individual's subjectivity, causing the individual's socialization and his/her consequent adherence to the organizational discourse. In this way we looked into issues related to the impact on the worker's interiority of strategies to control subjectivity, which are implicit in the management of organizations. It is a research proposal of a qualitative nature in which, from the analysis of the content of the life stories narrated by the policemen interviewed, we sought to understand the contribution of the contacts established in the organization to their identitary construction. We highlight some of the perspectives that surround organizational practices, which intend to conquer the worker's imaginary, as well as some tactics used by the workers in order to survive in the organizations. Amid this relation that seeks domination, we find the world view shared by the organization, sometimes incorporated, sometimes rejected, sometimes subverted, in accordance with the effective and particular submersion of the individual within the organization.

ideology; professional identity; subjectivity; policeman

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