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Thyroid abnormalities in term infants with fungal sepsis

Alterações tireoidianas no recém-nascido de termo com sepse fúngica



To describe thyroid alterations in term newborns (TNB) with fungal sepsis during NICU hospitalization.


The study included six TNB that during the clinical and laboratory manifestations of sepsis with positive cultures for fungus showed changes in thyroid hormones, called low T3 syndrome and low T3-T4 syndrome. TNB that could present hormonal changes caused by disease as those born to mothers with thyroid disease, or who had perinatal asphyxia and major surgeries were excluded.


Of six TNB with fungal sepsis, five had positive culture for Candida albicans and one had positive culture for Candida tropicalis. Low T3 syndrome was observed in two TNB (50%), while T3-T4 syndrome was observed in other two (100%). The four children progressed to septic shock.


Fungal sepsis is becoming more common among newborns admitted to NICU. Thyroid insufficiency could be a marker of disease severity with possible need for hormone supplementation.

full-term newborn; thyroidal hormone; fungal sepsis; septic shock

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