Purchasing function in the public sector: challenges to promote agility in electronic reverse auctions

Alessandro Anibal Martins de Almeida Hironobu Sano About the authors


This paper analyses the issue of delivery time in the procurement process within the Brazilian federal public administration. Based on the principle of celerity, the main goal is to analyze the factors that have influenced the implementation of the sub-phases of electronic auctions held at the Base Aérea de Natal (Bant). Based on the theoretical framework of the procurement function, four dimensions were established: Legislation and procurement processes, Structure and organization of the purchasing sector, Purchasing systems and Human resources of the purchasing sector. The methodology consisted of semi-structured interviews carried out with the public agents of Bant. The analysis by sub-phases, an unprecedented strategy, identified new factors: lack of integration between the requesting and purchasing sectors, lack of integration between the requesting sector and the auctioneer and failures in the data base Comprasnet.

public procurement; electronic auction; agility

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