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Determinants of consolidation of interorganizational cooperation network: a case study of the Rio Grande do Sul

Claudio Zancan Paulo da Cruz Freire dos Santos Antônio Carlos Silva Costa Nicholas Joseph Tavares da Cruz About the authors

This paper analyzes the dynamics of conditions involved in the consolidation process of the Association of Producers of Fine Wines from the Vineyards Valley at Brazilian wine industry. The theoretical basis used organizational approaches that define the concept of cooperation network as a coordination strategy of interorganizational resources oriented around common goals. The research comprises two qualitative studies: documentary analysis and interviews. It was used two studies: documentary research and interviews. The conclusions indicated that achieving economies of scale and enhanced competitiveness were the main conditions in this process. Further studies are recommended by analyzing evolution of the network in other times, as well as conditions present in different contexts and analysis levels.

interorganizational networks; cooperation; Brazilian wine industry

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