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Floristic compositon of "Reserva Municipal de Santa Genebra", Campinas, SP, Brazil

Maria Tereza Grombone Guaratini Eduardo Pereira Cabral Gomes Jorge Yoshio Tamashiro Ricardo Ribeiro Rodrigues About the authors

We carried out a floristic survey of a fragment of a semideciduous forest from May 1996 to April 1998, within one-hectare in the central area of Santa Genebra Reserve (22º49'45" S and 47º06'33" W, 580-610 m a.s.l). We found 201 species in 57 families and 147 genera. The richest families were Fabaceae and Rubiaceae (18 species), Myrtaceae (14 species), Rutaceae (11 species), Solanaceae and Sapindaceae (nine species), Bignoniaceae, Meliaceae and Euphorbiaceae (eight species) and Malvaceae (seven species). About 70% of the species are late secondary trees and late secondary understory species. Tree species comparison with 25 forests from São Paulo State and northern Paraná State showed that the reserve flora is more similar to forests from Campinas region. Although the forest has disturbed areas there are patch of relatively mature vegetation, thus this area is essential for biodiversity conservation.

floristic; semideciduous forest; successional groups

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