Use of Whole or Ground Wheat in Broiler Diets

An experiment was carried out to evaluate the effect of the use of whole or ground wheat on performance and carcass yield of 21 to 42 and 21 to 49 days of age broiler chicken. The experimental arrangement was randomized in a 2x3 factorial design where the factors were wheat form (whole and ground) and level of inclusion (15, 30 and 45%) and with a control treatment with no wheat inclusion. Eight replicates of forty chickens each were used. The diets were isoenergetic and isonutrients. The treatments did not influence the performance and carcass yield. It was concluded that whole and ground wheat could be used until 45% inclusion level in broiler diets from 21 to 49 days of age.

broilers; carcass yield; performance; wheat; wheat form

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