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Relationship of age with bone and fitness anthropometry practitioners in youth volleyball

Suzet de Araujo Tinoco Cabral Breno Guilherme de Araujo Tinoco Cabral Vanessa Carla Monteiro Pinto Ricardo Dias de Andrade Michelle Vasconcelos de Oliveira Borges Paulo Moreira Silva Dantas About the authors


The study aimed to correlate bone age, anthropometric measurements and physical fitness in 149 young volleyball players between ages 8 and 14. Height, weight, arm and leg circumferences, adjusted arm and leg circumferences, bi-iliac and biacromial breadths, tricipital and leg skin fold thicknesses, physical fitness tests, coordination and explosive strength of the upper and lower limbs were measured, in addition to x-rays of hand and wrist to check for maturation. Results showed positive correlation between bone age and all other variables, except tricipital skinfold, leg skinfold and agility. We concluded that maturation has influence on anthropometric and motor components, leading to a better control in the process of selecting and promoting young athletes.

Bone age; Anthropometry; Physical fitness; Sport

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