The practice of Physical Education professionals in the Psychosocial Care Center: an analysis of care based on the National Humanization Policy

Ameliane da Conceição Reubens-Leonidio Talita Grazielle Pires de Carvalho Ana Raquel Mendes dos Santos About the authors


This descriptive study aimed to identify how values ​​of the National Humanization Policy (PNH) are presented in the work of Physical Education professionals (PEF) in Psychosocial Care Centers (CAPS). 4 Interviews and 32 observations were carried out. The categories analyzed were user autonomy; professional-user bonds; and collective participation in management. The results showed that values ​​of the PNH transit in making the PEF in CAPS, however it is still possible to identify hospital-centered attitudes. In this sense, the need for permanent education is reinforced; interprofessional dialogue and practices; and institutional partnerships in the territory, as important elements in the production of anti-asylum care.

Physical education; Mental health; Humanization; Health Unic System

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