Influence of biological maturation on speed, jump, and endurance in high-level youth soccer players

Jorge L. C. Marinho André O. Martins Ezequiel Rey Sixto González-Víllora About the authors


The goal of this study is to identify the influence of the maturity state in the physical components of the high level youth male soccer players of an elite club in Brazil. Eighty-seven young male soccer players participated in this study, distributed in 34 U-14 players, 23 U-16 players and 30 U-19 players. Peak height velocity (PHV) was estimated: Pre-PHV (<-1.0 years, n=13), mid-PHV (-0.99 to 0.5 years, n=41), and post-PHV (>0.5 years, n=33). Running-based anaerobic sprint test, squat jump, yo-yo and 30m speed test were performed. The results of this study suggest that the maturational development influences vertical jump. VO2max, yo-yo test distance, fatigue index and power. This information is essential for the identification and effective development of talented football players.

Youth sports; Physical fitness; Child development; Adolescent development

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