“I have missing of that time”: memories about after school sports of Curitiba (1980-1990)

Pauline Peixoto Iglesias Vargas Jonathan Rocha de Oliveira André Mendes Capraro About the authors


The present study portrayed the practice of performance school sports in private schools in Curitiba-PR, between 1980 and 1990. The research method used was Oral History. For doing so, Managers, coaches, and athletes who actively participated in the process were interviewed. Among the research findings, the following stand out: the Copa Intercolegial Itaú marks the memory of the interviewees as a symbol of the school sports of Curitiba at the time, as well as the Ginásio do Tarumã as a place of memory; sport is seen as pure and benevolent by the interviewees, highlighting its importance in human formation; some names of protagonists of the national sport passed through the school courts in Curitiba.

Sports; School; History; Memory

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