Incidence of injuries and postural deviations in taekwondo athletes

Aline Cavalheiro Tamborindeguy Adriana Seára Tirloni Diogo Cunha dos Reis Cíntia DE La Rocha Freitas Antônio Renato Pereira Moro Saray Giovana dos Santos About the authors

Ten male athletes of Santa Catarina taekwondo team were evaluated with the purpose of assessing incidence of injuries and postural deviations. A questionnaire was used to access history of injuries related to the practice of this sport. Posture was evaluated by SAPO protocol. The results indicated more frequent injuries in lower limbs (7/10), specially on feet, by fractures and sprains. Significant difference at Q angle (p = 0,037), leg-hindfoot angle (p = 0,001), pelvis horizontal alignment (p = 0,016), and limbs length (p = 0,02) were identified. The relationship between postural deviations and incidence of injuries has not been established, due to the small sample size. We suggest prevention work programs and compensatory exercise to prevent injuries in taekwondo athletes.

Martial arts; injuries; posture; athletes

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