The self-organizations processes of goalball

Márcio Pereira Morato Mariana Simões Pimentel Gomes José Júlio Gavião de Almeida About the authors

Goalball is a team sport created for people with visual impairment, and based on tact and hearing. Starting from the contributions of the systems theory and comprehending the teams and the games as systems, we aim to interpret the standards and self-organization processes of goalball. For that, we observed twenty matches of the Paralympic Games 2008. We distinguished the self-organizational cycle as a recursive process, attractor of the team's configuration. The history of the relation between the opposite dimensions of the teams represents the game. When ceased the interaction, ceased is the game, remaining its register, which will act recursively in the team's future preparations, bringing up a new process which generates new products, in an endless cycle whose cause and effect, process and product are interconnected.

Goalball; team sports; systems theory; self-organization

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