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Dos desafios aquáticos ao estabelecimento de recordes: aproximação e distanciamento entre práticas esportivas e os rios da cidade de São Paulo (1899-1949)


São Paulo was created in the junction of rivers Pinheiros and Tietê, fundamentals for the development of the city and cradle of a lot of sportif practices. Between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, the rivers witness the passage of the fear's feeling of nature for the pleasure, culminating in the sport practice. Our aim is to analyze how the change in the activities offered by the clubs was responsible for take away the sports of the rivers. Symbols of a nature that do not submit to human hands, rivers have been replaced by spaces in which practices could be better regulated and controlled. Our period begins in 1899, year when the first club were installed, and goes until the 40's, when were realized the last competitions.

Sports history; Aquatic sports; Nature; Sports clubs

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