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A Gymnastica na Escola Normal de Curitiba: um olhar aos documentos oficiais (1876-1923)

Vera Luiza Moro Leonardo do Couto Gomes Marcelo Moraes e Silva About the authors


The present article sought to investigate how ’s schooling process took place in Normal School of Curitiba between 1876 and 1923. The reports of Government, Laws, Decrees, Acts and Regulations were examined, with special attention to the texts that dealt with the situation of the public education of Paraná and, in particular, of the Normal School. The analysis of the sources indicated a slow process of specialization of Gymnastica in the curriculum of formation of the Normal School. At last, it was verified that this constitution was marked by advances and retreats that enabled to affirm itself in the Normal School as a curricular component focused on the formation of the teachers of Paraná.

Gymnastics; School; Documents; Curitiba

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